you’ve come a long way baby

by: Fatboy Slim


Welcome to tonight's edition of album club


Two continents. Two time zones.

One album. One at a time.

Sunday Album Club is the brain child of Jessilyn Yoo and Neil Calderwood.

Born during a period when the two founders were physically separated by circumstance, this ritual first started with three simple words.

"Ready. Set. Play."

Many Sunday nights were thus spent together, each person taking their turn to share an album with the other. Temporarily muting the desire to be in the same room by using a mechanism for which closeness could still be achieved.

And now, we share this with you.


Music has no limitations to the depths it can reach.

It builds and maintains connections between people.

Doors are opened and relationships are formed.

Understanding is generated and happiness sustained.

That is what makes for a better world.