One Hundred

Yesterday marked the centennial episode of Sunday Album Club.

Two and a half years. One hundred Sundays. One hundred albums.

To mark the occasion, we felt it was only appropriate to return back to the start and commemorate the artist who started it all: David Holmes.

David Holmes illustration by  Jimmy Turrell .

David Holmes illustration by Jimmy Turrell.

Let's Get Killed was born from David Holmes' forays in New York - walking along the streets and listening to the sounds and conversations happening around him, most of them from the subcultural bedrock of society. He kept those recordings for ten years and used them as the basis for this album. The tracks were often formulated around key snippets which he felt depicted a certain rawness and authenticity of a place usually shrouded with beatitudes.

As a Belfast man himself encountering this city for the first time during a visit with Jessilyn, Neil was inspired to use it as the inaugural pick for Sunday Album Club back in February 2014.

So when it came time for Number 100, Jessilyn selected The Holy Pictures. An album etched in nostalgia and sentimentality, it is a departure from Holmes' other works with its internalisation of the past. Tribute is given to the personal growth that comes as a result of these former experiences. From start to finish, it is melancholic, earnest, and alive.

The foundation of Sunday Album Club rests on the sole belief that music is a universal communicator. It pushes down walls and joins people of all creeds. And sometimes, it even fosters love.

To the next one hundred.

Enjoy the aural bliss that is The Holy Pictures here.


Edit: We sent the link to this story to David Holmes and got this response in return. Day made.