An Endless Ocean

The definition of an album is something we've always discussed at length.

In an age where artists can put out anything resembling a concept, reduced to a single track, or recycled for a compilation, it's increasingly becoming the norm to not follow the norm.

They can even so far as to spend millions marketing an upcoming release, only to change everything from the tracklist to the title at the very last second. Or make updates to an album after it's already been made public. Or keep the entire thing a secret and shock the world in an instant with their latest creation.

Frank Ocean did all of the above.

In a Sunday Album Club first, we listened to the first of two albums he released this past weekend. Or more to the point, we watched.

Endless is a 45-minute long visual piece shot entirely in black and white. It is the prelude to Blonde, which went live two days later.

Does it count as an album? Absolutely. 

Will we continue to explore more mediums that push beyond the traditional realms of our everyday records? Without a doubt.

Stay tuned.

PS: Here's a nice story about the final track of Endless and its ties to Berlin, featuring the one and only Wolfgang Tillmans.